Frequently Asked Questions

When you rent a shelf or stand within ONE retail shop and the Owner of the shop sells your product on your behalf, your stall holder policy will cover you for that one location, for product liability. However, if you leave your product in multiple retail shops, then you would NOT be covered by your stall holder cover.
No, we do not cover you holding workshops. Product demonstrations and workshop activities are also excluded
We can't cover ANY children's toys whatsoever, including board games.

We can't cover potions and lotions that stay on the skin eg. any topical cream that is applied to the skin and left on eg lip balm, moisturiser, hand cream, make up, essential oils etc

We can cover soap, bath bombs or bath crystals as they wash off the skin. We can also cover candles.

If you are in any doubt, please don't hesitate to call or email us to clarify your specific situation.
Mechanical & electrical goods
Toys of any kind whatsoever, including board games
Adult Toys
Medicines, potions, beauty products, nail polish (excluding soap)
Hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods (excluding candles)
Products that have been dispensed or have been repackaged into smaller containers for retail sales, except where the original product dispensed has not been altered, mixed or blended with any other ingredients or products with clear product labelling of use and ingredients
Products sold in containers exceeding 5 litres or 5 kilograms
Explosive tools, fireworks, flammable liquid or bulk pool chemicals
Products intended to be used in connection with the navigation of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft
Parts for motor vehicles
Medical equipment
Guns and/or ammunition
Model Aircraft
Knives, swords or spears (excluding cutlery)
Power tools
Motorized vehicles
Animal feed (excluding for domestic pets)
Gym equipment and bicycles
Preparation of any body part for, or the application of, any tattoo or body piercing item
Massage, chiropractic treatment or similar type treatment
Tobacco products and nicotine replacements, personal vaporizer products
Silicone and latex products of any kind, including products that contain silicone
Essential oils which are to be used internally or directly on skin
Vitamins, herbs, protein powders, nutraceuticals or any health and weight loss products
Any beauty treatments (excluding hair braiding, face painting using natural non-toxic paints, henna painting)
Alcohol products of any kind

Whilst we cannot cover the above items under Product Liability Insurance, we can still cover you for Public Liability Insurance
From the "home" page of our website click on the cover you want, then follow the prompts. After completing the online transaction with your credit or debit card, your policy will be automatically emailed to you, so be careful when entering your email address.
All policies commence at 12.01am on the day you choose (from the drop down calendar menu). They conclude at 12.00 midnight. You can forward date any policy up to 120 days in advance. If you need a date further out than 120 days, simply email us with the details and we will amend your policy and email back to you.
Product Liability cover protects you against claims made against you for personal injury or property damage arising from your products. This may include, for example:
a. If your biscuits are sold as nut free and they are not – then you will need Product Liability.
b. If your olives are sold ‘without pips’ and one has a pip in it and cracks a tooth- you need Product Liability.
c. If your chicken hasn't been refrigerated properly and a customer gets sick – you need Product Liability.
Cover is always subject to the conditions and exclusions of the policy. You should read the policy wording carefully before purchasing insurance to ensure it is right for you.
The Market operator may have their own public liability insurance policy, which may or may not cover individual stall holders. You should make enquiries of the market operator to understand what cover might be available.

Our policy includes public liability insurance so you have the protection regardless of any insurance arrangements that the market operator may have in place.
You can call or email us any time. We will advise you of action that needs to be taken.

Your policy covers you for public and product liability at your nominated art and craft fairs exhibitions, expo; car book sale, farmers market, festival, flea market, food market, indoor market, outdoor market, school fete, show, trash & treasure market and/or single retail store during the period of time nominated in your policy schedule.

The first thing to remember is that you can empathise with the injured or aggrieved party, but you cannot accept that it is your fault or liability without involving us and the Insurance Company.
A pop up shop is where you occupy a locked up retail shop premise in a shopping centre or shopping strip, for a short period. Our cover is for 3 months only and your policy will reflect the start and finish date of the cover.

It caters for public and product liability insurance and the same exclusions and conditions apply as for Day and Annual cover.

Rates are the same as an Annual policy, eg $149 for $10 million cover and $200 for $20 million cover. Your cover is for public and product liability insurance ie, property damage or personal injury.
We have a "NO EXCESS" policy, regardless of fault.
Your policy covers you at all markets, fetes, car boot sales, shopping centres, car parks, festivals etc, across all states and territories of Australia.
Once you complete the online application, wait 5-10 minutes and you will receive two emails, one is your "confirmation of payment" and the other email will have a Pdf attachment, that when opened, is your Certificate of Currency. Be careful when entering your email address, as an error in the address will mean you will not receive these emails. If your Policy hasn't arrived within 10 minutes of purchasing online, PLEASE CHECK YOUR "JUNK FILE" as sometimes it lands there, if not simply email to have it resent to you

When your payment is debited to your card the transaction will be from Gallagher – MyMarket and will appear on your statement as such.
Our remuneration is payable on the terms of our invoice and is considered fully earned at the time that we issue the invoice. If your insurance contract is cancelled or varied before the expiry of the period of insurance, you will be paid any refunded pro-rata premium received from the insurer. We will retain all of our commission, fees and other remuneration in full in the event of any early cancellation or variation of your insurance contract or adjustment of premium. We may charge an additional fee for processing your request to cancel or vary your insurance contract and you agree that this fee may be offset against any premium pro-rata refund you are entitled to.
Please email with your Policy number (MKT......). The cost to upgrade is $51 if you currently have a $149 policy or $60 if your current policy includes the Online Products extension.
When you check your credit card statement, you will see the charge of your Policy comes up as "Gallagher – MyMarket" - this is the Company we are Brokers for.
The insurer of the policies is AIG Australia, an APRA regulated insurer and subsidiary of global insurance group, American Insurance Group.
In NSW only, you do not pay stamp duty when you operate a small business with a turnover of less than 2 million dollars. If you qualify for this exemption to stamp duty your premium will be discounted accordingly.