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Image courtesy ABC
It’s spring time in Australia and across the country in small towns and large cities, stallholders are gearing up for the peak season.  The weather can be unpredictable at this time of the year, so its’ worth taking extra care with your stall set up.

In car parks, farmers’ markets, car boot sales, school fetes and festivals etc, local stallholders are preparing for the busy market season and to provide communities, both locals and tourists with a fun place to buy and experience unique and often homemade goods.

Deciding to start your very own market stall is exciting and often quite daunting with so many things to consider and arrange. One very important consideration is the weather! Being prepared can be the difference between enjoying a great market and a disaster.

We have in past years, processed a number of stallholder claims as a result of high winds, either uprooting market umbrellas, knocking over tables, or flinging umbrellas into parked cars and children’s playgrounds.

Remember, it is the stallholder’s responsibility to take all reasonable actions to prevent incidents, which means securing your market table, umbrella and marquee from flying off, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Be informed and look at the Bureau of Meteorology website where you can see in real time, rain and wind radars.

Following are some examples of claims we have paid out because of strong winds and all with no expense to the stall holder as we have a “NO EXCESS” clause with all our Policies:

Sep 2016 – An organiser said to the stallholder that there was no need to use sand bags to weigh down the stand as it detracted from the look of the area surrounding the stalls – next thing a freak gust came along and the marquee flew into a parked car.

Outcome: As the stallholder was instructed not to secure the marquee, it was not considered their fault and was the market organisers responsibility and no cost to the stallholder.

Oct 2016 – An umbrella stand was insufficiently secured and pole hit a parked vehicle.

Outcome:  The claim was paid with no expense to the stallholder.

Nov 2016 – A marquee blew into 2 stalls and severely damaged their stand and their stock.

Outcome: The stallholder was found to be at fault – claims were paid with no expense to the stallholder.

Sep 2017 – A marquee flipped onto a parked car causing $3,500 worth of damage.

Outcome: The stallholder was found to be at fault. Our Insurer contacted the third party within two days of notification and the claim is about to be settled, with no cost to the stallholder.

One stallholder, said making a claim with MY MARKET INSURANCE was so very easy…………

“Just one call to you from the market on the Saturday afternoon and you took it out of my hands and liaised directly with the claimant with no fuss.

I was so mega stressed about what happened & you made it so easy & stress free.”

W. Lewis.